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Richmond Zinefest 2013


11am-6pm October 5 2013
Gay Community Center of Richmond,
1407 Sherwood Avenue
Richmond, VA 23220 USA
Richmond Zinefest 2013

The best moment at the zine fair:
I got to meet several people with OCD who were really open and interested in talking about their experiences.  As somebody [with OCD] whose only met about a dozen OCD people in my life, I felt really blessed to have that sort of conversation.

The most hilarious moment: the zine dance which Ariana (of phlegm fatale zine) and I made and kept doing throughout.   Moves included the scissors and paper cuter. At the after party we convinced all of the richmond organizers present to do it with us.  Also, on the ride back, we filled out an anarchist mad lib zine that somebody left on the free pile.  Good times.

Most awkward moment: the hippie herbalist type who suggested that I take herbs for my ocd.I politely explained to her that there were only 3 effective therapies for ocd and that I had failed ssris – which do the same thing as st johns wort.  She ignored this and continued to insist that I use herbs.  Unable to leave politely, I had to listen to this for about 5 minutes.

The venue reminded me of: an idealized old folks home.  It’s at the richmond gay community center, and I’m guessing the gay community in Richmond is really into bingo, wheel of fortune, and karaoke because they had all of those very present.  It sorta made me wonder if Richmond’s Queer scene is basically a church carnival.  In retrospect, that doesn’t sound like the worst thing.

The most unusual factor: Again, the venue.

The best spent money was: an artist who created imaginary canadian basketball teams as a child (he falsely believed that canada didn’t have basketball, so he created teams for them) decided to make sweatshirts to commemorate his childhood hobby.  You best believe I bought a purple “fantastiques du montreal” sweatshirt.

I also either bought/traded (can’t recall) a great zine called “My Job is Fucking Dangerous” with organizers, Brian.  It’s pictures of safety signs from his job at a convention center.  The best is a sign of the “faceless safety guy” whose standing on some sort of electric platform among some power lines.  The electricity zaps him, zaps another faceless safety guy below him, then goes to ground.